LATE - Innovator EP
LATE - Underground Rhyming EP
LATE - Street Science - Album
LATE - Real Hip Hop Representer EP
LATE - LATE Is The Future - Tricksta produced Mixtape
LATE ‘www.officialllate.net’ - Album
LATE ‘Street Product’ – EP
LATE ‘From The Vaults’ – Album
LATE ‘UK Rapscallion’ Album
LATE ‘Its Nothin Remixes’ – Single
LATE ‘Below Street Level’ – Album
LATE ‘Two Thousand And LATE’
LATE and GEOLANI ‘Extended Family The CEO’s Edition’ – Mixtape
LATE ‘Englishman In New York’ – Mixtape
LATE ‘The Villainous One’ – Mixtape
LATE ‘International Rhyme Spittin’ – Album
Wolftown Committee ‘Boxed’ – Single
Wolftown Committee ‘Legendary Status’ – Album
Wolftown Committee ‘Artform Technique’ – Single
Villains ‘UK Sound Remix’ – Single
Villains ‘Welcome To Wolftown” – Album
Villains ‘Gotta Get Tha Cash’ – Single
Villains ‘UK Sound’ – Single