LATE - Frozen Climate

Today marks the highly anticipated release of "Frozen Climate," a mesmerizing 5-track EP from UK artist LATE, skillfully produced by Tricksta. The EP delves into the stark reality of our contemporary existence, exploring the metaphorical coldness that permeates our world.

LATE's lyrical prowess shines through each track, offering a poignant commentary on the emotional chill prevalent in society. The artist masterfully navigates the sonic landscape, delivering thought-provoking verses that resonate with listeners on a profound level.

Tricksta's production elevates the project, creating a soundscape that mirrors the icy themes explored in "Frozen Climate." The EP is a testament to the duo's collaborative synergy, blending evocative lyrics with innovative beats to captivate audiences.

As "Frozen Climate" hits digital platforms, listeners can expect a musical journey that transcends genres, inviting them to reflect on the challenges and complexities of our collective human experience.

LATE and Tricksta invite you to immerse yourself in the depths of "Frozen Climate," an EP that not only showcases artistic brilliance but also serves as a mirror to the frozen realities of our world.
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Check out the first video "Concrete Wilderness" from the release

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