LATE - Industrial Compositions


Renowned UK rapper LATE has collaborated with acclaimed producer Tricksta to deliver a groundbreaking 5-track EP titled "Industrial Compositions." This highly anticipated project showcases the seamless synergy between LATE's compelling lyricism and Tricksta's innovative production.

"Industrial Compositions" is a sonic journey that delves into the complexities of life, offering listeners a unique blend of thought-provoking lyrics and cutting-edge beats. Each track serves as a testament to LATE's storytelling prowess, with Tricksta's production providing a captivating backdrop that complements the narrative.

The EP kicks off with "First Position," an engaging introduction that sets the tone for the entire project. "Rise and Shine" follows, featuring LATE's signature flow and insightful lyrics, making it a standout track that resonates with listeners. "Avenues To Pursue" explores the various paths one can take in life, accompanied by Tricksta's dynamic production. "You Never Know" takes a reflective turn, offering a glimpse into the unpredictable nature of existence. Closing out the EP is "Win Lose or Draw," a powerful anthem that encapsulates the essence of resilience and determination.

LATE's distinct style and Tricksta's forward-thinking production make "Industrial Compositions" a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts and music aficionados alike. The EP is set to captivate audiences with its authenticity, versatility, and undeniable artistic chemistry.
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